For the past 10 years, ARNVIND GROUP has been one of the most innovative headhunting companies  in the Nordic region.

With our unique insight into the headhunting processes, we have over the last 5 years developed the world’s most advanced sourcing and prescreening system called ACE – which we now offer as a software cloud service to our customers!!


With ACE you have the opportunity to get much more out of your candidate research, by letting ACE source candidates from LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, internal databases, applicants, partner networks etc.

ACE will also pre-screen and score the candidates automatically so that you spend more time on the most interesting candidates – and ACE can also find contact information automatically on the candidates you want to contact directly.

All deeply integrated with the Applicant Tracking System of your choice.

There is simply no other system that can do this – and at the same time being especially adapted to the Nordic headhunting market.

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