PlannerTech Transport & Logistics (Let’s help the climate):

The transport & logistic industry has a great business case using advanced planning. The average utilisation of a truck is 43%, and 25% of all trucks drive empty. Solving this problem could also be a signifikant contribution to the climate change issue.

A Plannertech solution makes it possible to have:

  • Realtime planning (fx. handling sickness, truck damage, delays etc. )
  • Allow for more complex analysis, and relationships (optimization of all branches, all trucks, and all personel relative to the fluctuation demand on multiple location etc.)
  • Consideration of more variables in the planning (like weather, traffic, fluctuating demand etc. )
  • Automatically trade non allocated transport ressources.
  • Allow for new business models
  • Significantly lower transport costs
  • Contribution to the climate change issue

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