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MLR ARNVIND wins Management Consulting deal with global Bio Science company

MLR ARNVIND wins Management Consulting deal to make an assessment of a complex packaging process for a global Bio Science company.

MLR will as part of the assignment suggest advanced software automation solutions to increase efficiency, decrease errors, and reduce the tedious, repetitive workloads.

MLR ARNVIND is a marked leader in Advanced Software Automation primarily based on Python – and has a considerable domain knowledge in the Life Science Industry,  Capital Markets, Manufacturing and Government.


MLR ARNVIND wins advanced software robot deal with Fortune 500 company

MLR ARNVIND wins deal to develop advanced software robots with Fortune 500 Gigant  in the Healthcare industry.

It represents a major milestone for MLR ARNVIND, and expand the foundation for developing Intelligent Healthcare Automation in the Nordic countries.

The Arnvind Group has developed advanced software robots since early 2014, and made the spinn-off MLR ARNVIND in 2017.