MLR ARNVIND can build your advanced GPT/AI solutions!

We offer 5 packages on your journey to higher automation:

  • Inspiration and Assessment Package
    A fast and efficient way to identify your valuable Software Solution potential.
  • Proof of Concept Package
    Together we choose a relevant task to be automated, or improved and implement a working POC.
  • Agile MVP development 
    An intense customer-involved development process – delivering the solution faster, and with higher quality than traditional software methods.
  • Production Package 
    Here we build the Advanced Solution for production purpose, tuning the setup for distribution, stability, response, efficiency, and further development.
  • Operation & Maintenance Package
    Here we tune the infrastructure, we manage the ongoing development, new demands, maintenance, upgrades, bugs etc.

MLR ARNVIND has cases with over 50% productivity gain – resulting in hundreds of millions in saving and others here 50+% of all processes has been automated, giving more ressources to more valuable, and motivating tasks.

If you want to run your own projects we can also provide consultants in our key competence areas: Python developers & Consultants, Data Scientists, React Frontend developers, AWS Architecture and DevOps, Management consulting, Project/Scrum Management.