MLR ARNVIND has a wide range of ready made solutions to fit your needs.

A few of our Software Solutions are:

  • PLANNERTECH – Advanced Planning
    • PlannerTech is an advanced planning tool for Life Science, Transport & Logistics and Services. It models the client’s very complex delivery processes, and automatically estimates an optimal plan to be executed – all based on Machine Learning and Operational Research. In addition, in provides a rich realtime UI for Planners and Workers – 100% implemented in the Cloud.  In many cases we estimate productivity gain of up to 30% in total operation costs.
  • ACE – Advanced Candidates Sourcing and Evaluation
    • ACE is the World’s most advanced candidate evaluation and sourcing system. It basically finds candidates in a multitude of sourcing channels (including sourcing partners and referral networks), automatically pre-screen and score them using machine learning, automatically finds contact information, and also automatically initiate campaigns for potential candidates. It’s basically an automation of the entire HR Recruitment Research process giving a huge efficiency leap and disruption in the recruitment industry. This automation is available both as a Cloud Solution and Research as a Service (RAS), and is used by some of Europe’s biggest companies.
  • CANDY – Candidate Yellow Pages (fx. for HR Talent Aquisition)
  • SCOUTY – 4. generation lead generator robot / a 100 % automation (for SALES Lead generation)
  • PREDICTOR – An online forcasting solution in Finance, and Energy Trading

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